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Putting together DVDs!

Oh yeah, we’re a high-tech facility over here. {:
DVDs under construction

DVDs containing Autumnside, Winterside, New Year, and maybe Crow Feathers will be available at AnimeExpo, and later in my shop. I’m going nuts with AX stuff, so a shop update will happen after AX. (: Thanks for your patience.

(Why maybe Crow Feathers? Because it’s got a center-page spread and I’m fighting with getting it to display properly. It’s not that I don’t love you guys, it’s that I want it to be right.)

Oh, boy, comments are borked on the site

I get so few comments that I didn’t bug-check accessing them. My bad!

I have approved all comments that were pending (I hope! Sorry, Kit, thought I did that when I responded!), and it looks like there’s a problem accessing some of the comments from the comic page. I am not sure why. I’ll take it up with my webmonster and see what’s going on, but until then, if you don’t mind clicking through to the main blog area for seeing and adding comments, that’d be a big help. Sorry ’bout that.


So I ask you, o fearless readers!

I’m in the process of generating PDFs of Autumnside, Winterside, and New Year (they will be put on CDs and brought to conventions!), and I thought I’d throw in some bonus sketches — my preliminaries and their notes, things like that. Should I put them in the back of each story, or should I do a separate Extras PDF?

Looking at Autumnside

So I’m in the process of trimming and resizing all the Autumnside files, on the theory that I’m going to make a CD with Autumnside, Winterside, and New Year PDFs available for sale, hopefully at AX.

Autumnside ….

…. doesn’t suck as badly as I was afraid it would. There are things that I’d do on one page now, instead of across multiple pages. And I’ve gotten a lot better with Jack and Mala and the other characters over time. But there are things I miss about Autumnside. Running the sketches with just pencils gives it a softer feel than Winterside and New Year, which are pen-and-ink and all-digital, respectively.

And the backgrounds are lovely, which I haven’t really gotten to do as much with since I switched to the vertical format. Not sure how to deal with that; some of this is formatting issues because of potential design-for-book.

Meh, I’ll figure this whole comicking-mangaing-thing one of these years … Can’t believe I’ve been doing it for almost four years … disappointed that I haven’t done more, but there’s still so much for me to learn.

Couple things

Just got my AX table assignment. I’m going to be 4 in from the end of Row E.

I’ve sent thirteen bookmarks to the printers, and they should be on my doorstep by the 13th. I’m focusing on getting original art done first, and then fan art. My next “assignments” are a handful of larger prints, and PDF versions of Autumnside, Winterside, and New Year to be sold on CD. (:

This is what my desktop looks like today.

Fan art for Legend of Mana

These are mana spirits from the Legend of Mana video game — from left to right: Shade, Wisp, Aura, and Undine. I’m doing some fan art for AnimeExpo. (: Oh, and Aoi? Undine is for you.

I’ve also done Salamander, Jinn, Dryad, and Gnome, just scanned them first, so they’re underneath these where you can’t see ’em, yet. (: You also can’t see sketches of Max and Monica from Dark Cloud 2. The Mana Spirits are going to be bookmarks; Max and Monica will be small prints.

Obviously, this is work in progress. These are my pencils, which I did in my unlined moleskine reporter’s notebook. I love that thing to death. I’m going to ink and color them in Photoshop over the next few days.