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Site Update

So this is Mark typing:

Some of you might be familiar with a little site called It’s where I’ve been working on some game designs, and Leanne and I have decided (for accounting simplicity’s sake) to wrap PFM’s products in with Saijiki Stories. In other words, Autumnside Productions is now the umbrella of a micro-scale entertainment group, so there are going to be some changes to the sites to reflect that. The immediate changes will be here at, so no worries for those of you with links to Saijiki Stories.

Purple Fuzzy Monster’s first game is Starships, a space combat miniatures game. After we make it available through all sorts of on-line stores, we should have learned enough with it that the Saijiki Stories will be made available through those same outlets.

[Mark:] Blog Widget Fixed!

Insert here: long, boring description of how WordPress RSS feeds have changed between versions.

Summary: my blog widget on this page is now fixed, and all the links should work properly.

Other: I still haven’t figured out how to fix the problems Google Feedburner has with our RSS feed. The feed validators claim we’re good, but there are two issues that might defeat ultra-cranky RSS readers. (The extension might be a problem, along with the Project Wonderful ad code.) I’ve got an idea on how to fix one, but not the other.

[Mark] Technical Difficulties

It looks like our server rebooted sometime last week, and the update script hasn’t been running since then. I’m currently working with Dreamhost to fix the problem, but until then, I’ll been running the script manually every morning. In other words, until we get this fixed, Saijiki Stories will be updating around 8 AM Pacific Time instead of Midnight.

Also, some of the more observant of you will notice that the date on this post is wrong. I’m pretty sure that the last WordPress update broke my aggregation script, and I haven’t had a chance to fix it. Given that it’s nowhere near the problem that a non-automatic update script is, it’ll probably get fixed after that one.

[Mark] OK, so I Lied

Real life got in the way, and I only managed the “must have” changes to the site to get New Year up and running. Bits and pieces of what I’ve missed will creep in over the next few weeks, especially after I’ve finished with the Ides (and taxes).

Also, if you were doing the trawl on Winterside, and have no idea why you suddenly can’t get to the last page you visited, take the URL in your browser and insert “/winterside” between “” and “/?strip_id=” — that’ll take you to the permalink. (You could also go to the archive and start there.)

[Mark] Site Changes Coming

Just so that folks know:

There are going to be a few changes around here with the addition of New Year. Because we’re going to have three chapters, I’m going to change the front page into a portal page, rather than a comic page. I’m going to try to design the portal page to maintain any permalinks to Winterside pages, but no guarantees.

(If you’ve got permalinks for Winterside, they should really be pointed to

These changes will go into effect on the 24th, with the launch of New Year.

[Mark] For Some of the New Readers

I’ve been watching some of the odd traffic during this ad campaign, and it looks like some of y’all might be trying to get back here using our old “” address, which takes you to the current Saijiki Story, which is Winterside.

It might not be obvious how to get back to Autumnside from here. Clicking on the Autumnside button in the right-hand controls will take you back to the front of Autumnside, while hovering over the Archive button will get you a second Autumnside button that will take you to the archive table page. If you’re using an older browser that doesn’t support the pop-up, you might have to click on that first Autumnside button, and then the Archive button on the Autumnside page.

[Mark] Welcome!

Leanne’s working on a longer post concerning Comic-Con, but until then: Welcome, to fans of (the super-cool) Aaron Williams!

Winterside is the second Saijiki StoryAutumnside is the first. Winterside can be read on its own, but Autumnside introduces a few of the characters.

(You can click on the link above, or any of the buttons that are labeled Autumnside to get there.)