(Mark:) When you want something done right …

So I wrote my own syndication control for the web site, which means that we’re finally rid of Feed Sweep and its oddly interpreted characters. The proverbial straw that forced the change (and over our Anniversary weekend!) was the sudden addition of new ad content. While the new ad was for Feed Sweep itself, it hinted at the possibility that unapproved content could reach the site through a third party control.

So it had to go.

I’ve successfully tested the new control on IE6, Firefox, and Safari. It should work for Opera, Netscape, and later versions of IE, but I haven’t tested against them. If you have problems, e-mail me through my link in the footer — though I’m not sure what I could do to fix a Netscape bug.

I mention Netscape because we’ve got at least one reader using it! As a web master type, I’m required to make fun of them now, but my heart’s not in it because I just discovered that I can’t use Firefox 3 on my G3 iBook.

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