[Leanne] A thank-you, and a musing on art

Just a quick shout-out to The Floating Lightbulb. Thanks for mentioning Autumnside in your blog.

As the blog suggests, I do strive for a softer, more cartoon-like look in my work. It’s sort of a combination of a lot of my favorite influences. While I don’t really feel like I do manga-style art, I read enough of it that it’s certainly had a hand in how I draw. I particularly like Miyazaki anime, and Autumnside definitely draws on moods inspired by Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro. On the American side of things, Walt Kelly’s Pogo was a profound influence on my early comic reading, and Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock and Muppet Show on my television preferences.

I’m fond of things that have rich, complex backgrounds and settings, and that’s something I strive to include in Autumnside, and in the fledgling bits of Winterside that I’m starting work on now. That seems to go hand in hand with a softer, more painted look, at least to get anywhere near the ideas I’m actually visualizing. How I wish I could draw as well as the stuff looks in my head. *sigh* Keep practicing, I know! (: