Quick Update

Did portfolio reviews at ComicCon on Thursday. I can’t tell how they went. People liked my colors, loved the mini-monsters, and generally don’t want to hire me. {: I got told four times that I have a “unique style”. Um. Well, I’m hoping that’s code for “your stuff doesn’t look like our stuff”, which is true, and not “your art sucks”, which I hope it doesn’t. {:

I learned a ton of stuff at the 3D-to-2D art panel, plus a ton more at the Digital Inking panel. I actually have only sat in on three panels because of the portfolio reviews. And I missed one today because I got a personal-private half-hour demo of Poser from the folks at the SmithMicro booth, which convinced me to pick up a copy (especially after the 3D-to-2D panel … dang, that would have made Winterside so much easier to draw … ).

In awesome news, I actually have a gig doing backgrounds for a video game. I’m working on Point of Descent by Beyond Madness and Genius Games. I am super super excited. ^_^ I have a lot of work to do, it’s fun work, it’ll be great for my portfolio, and I’m getting PAID, woohoo! (:

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