Drowning in to-do lists

Hiya peoples! As you can guess, I am back from AX. I have a lot going on this month … busy this weekend, and next weekend is San Diego ComicCon. No, I don’t have a booth there — wish I did, but it’s out of my price range. I’ll be attending lots of panels and attempting to Learn Stuff.

I’m desperately trying to build my buffer back up — Anime Expo chewed all of it up, and as of today I have just barely managed to extend the buffer out past ComicCon. I’m hoping to get four more comics sketched and inked this week before the weekend eats me. On top of that, I still have artwork that I’m working on from the Japanese Friendship Garden, and I’m trying to get some garb done for both myself and Mark so that we can maybe go to some SCA events, hopefully starting with the Leodamus of Thebes tourney in August.

My garden is in full force and I’m seriously neglecting my food/garden blog (http://www.auntiepasto.com) in favor of just dealing with it. I came home from AX to an explosion of zucchini, green beans, cucumbers, and strawberries. We are just starting to get tomatoes and peppers, too. I have boysenberry vinegar and liqueur and strawberry liqueur that need bottling, and I really should be making strawberry jam, but it’s been hot enough that I haven’t been able to talk myself into boiling that much water. It’s finally starting to cool off a little; maybe I’ll get stuff bottled in the morning.

I really want to get the Etsy store up, but that’s probably not going to happen until after ComicCon. I’m seriously just trying to get the comic back on track right now. My apologies. It will be happening, and soon, but I just don’t know how soon.

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