Update on the State of the Leanne

OK. So.

With the insane amount of work I’ve been doing over the past three months, and the fact that I’ve been doing it at my kitchen table as opposed to on any sort of ergonomic setup, I have managed to give myself nerve damage in my left hand. No, this is not my drawing hand, this is my lean-on-and-use-the-keyboard hand. The problem, as far as I can tell, is primarily that lean-on part. Neya has done a terrific job of getting rid of the worst of the problem through massage, but it’s not totally gone, and probably won’t be unless I can get myself some serious rest and an updated work area.

The updated work area is in the works, but will not be available for at least a week, and probably more like two.

The rest … that’s a whole different issue. ): I basically have a comic buffer up until the 9th of September. I’m at a con from the 9th-11th. And I’m hoping the BMAG guys contract with me for more work, because I enjoyed what I was doing a *lot*, and getting paid is good.

I want to do some prints for the con, because I’m two tables over from Little Vampires, which makes selling the mini-monster bookmarks a bit awkward, though I’ll still be bringing them anyway. I probably won’t get to do the prints given the problems with the hand.

Outside the con, I have no way of handling Saijiki Stories and the video game work at the same time, and especially not with the injury, dammit. They basically both chew up the same block of time. I only have 25 more strips to go for Springside (23 if you count the ones I’m trying to finish this week without messing up my shoulder/hand further).

Basically, if I get more work from BMAG, there’s a good chance that Saijiki Stories will go on an irregular schedule until the work is done. (See also: getting paid is good, destroying one’s arm is bad.) I *hate* that, but I only have so much time in the day, and I don’t want to end up with an unusable left hand.

I’m so frustrated that I can’t do everything I want to do.

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