CONjecture report

Good heavens, I had a phenomenal time. Got to meet and hang out with Becky Hicks of Little Vampires, and she and her husband James are completely awesome. Also got to hang with Phil and Margaret, who do books and fabulous hats but don’t appear to have a website, who are equally awesome. They were all generous enough to give me a HUGE amount of advice — and a Square! — , and we just had a great time. (: It was really super-cool to get the chance to be placed by lovely people and talk shop and learn things. I learned so much.

I did three commissions, one of which was a koi mermaid piece I’m planning to redo in digital color and make prints of (keep an eye out for that!), one of which was fan art for Air Gear that I don’t have a scan of, and one of which was a fan art piece for Hetalia which you can find on my DeviantArt.

I’ve gotten some leads on how to get my store set up and handle cons better and all kinds of good stuff. There’s only so much time in the day, but I hope to be bringing you more awesome sooner rather than later. (:

Also, a special shout-out to my darling husband, who took care of me the whole con, got me drinks and Oreos, and generally was super-awesome, like he isn’t always super-awesome. (;

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