[Leanne] Quick update

I’m back to having problems with my shoulder and hand. I’m thinking it isn’t actually carpal tunnel, but I may have slightly dislocated my shoulder. I’m going back to the doctor today.

All of the Springside comics are base-colored. I need to finish the detailing and the text.

I need to let you folks know that I will be taking a hiatus after Springside. Mark and I are planning on moving, and I will need every speck of time I can scrounge to make it work. I hope to be uploading Crow Feathers and bonus art pieces until I can focus my attention on Summerside properly.

2 thoughts on “[Leanne] Quick update”

  1. The key symptom to clinch a diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel, is the thumb and first 3 fingers become numb. The pinkie stays normal.

  2. Turns out I’ve got osteoarthritic tendinitis in my shoulder, which is causing problems all the way down my arm. I’m suspecting I may have calcific deposits in my knuckles as well, at this point, but either way, the doc has pointed me at physical therapy, and hopefully things will subside soon. (:

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