[Leanne] Springside is DONE.

My buffer for Springside is complete. All the files have been uploaded. They are ready for your viewing as soon as they hit the schedule.

I’ll be spending the next few weeks working on getting the house ready to move, working to bring you a terrific Summerside script and comic, and … yeah.

I’m shaking, right now, literally. Springside has been a huge effort for me, and I hope you all will enjoy the rest of the story.

Edit: I realize that I haven’t updated you on the doctor’s visit. My doc says I have osteoarthritic tendinitis in my shoulder. This came complete with a calcific deposit you could see on the X-ray previews. I wasn’t smart enough to take pictures to show you. D’oh. I’ll be headed to physical therapy starting this week, and hopefully that will help.

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