[Leanne] Humans wanted.

Hey peoples, just wanted to let you folks know that I’ve been getting a lot of spam comments on the blog. And I’m sick of it. So if you want to leave me comments (and I love comments), please make sure that, ya know, I can tell you’re a real human. Generic comments WILL get spam-blocked.


6 thoughts on “[Leanne] Humans wanted.”

  1. Hey Leanne! I’m a real person, I promise. 😉 BTW, is this comic (2 October) out of order? I don’t quite follow the transition… Of course, it may get explained later, and I’m just jumping the gun!

  2. Now that October is here, my brain is having sporadic “ooh, that’d be a cool costume” moments–and most of them don’t work for ME at all, of course. :/

    The latest one was brought on by checking the comic just now, seeing Mala with the floaty stone attached to her wrist, and going, “Hey, I could make one of those if I only had access to some helium…”

    There, a comment that should be random enough to convince you I’m a human, right? 😛

  3. A lovely, sweet story. Simple without being patronizing, like some of the more memorable fairy tales.

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