Still not dead yet

There are reasons why Summerside is taking forever. At this point, the question is to the tune of … “well, of course X is going to do Y, X would be a fool not to, what with having the means, motive, and opportunity for grand success at it. How does our heroine escape that particular peril?”

I will actually script Summerside and get it up and posted one of these days. I swear. It’s just a lot more complicated than it looks on the outside.

One thought on “Still not dead yet”

  1. I’m glad you and the comic are not dead. I’m eager for more of your charming art and storytelling style! My parents visited Russia in the mid-1980s, and brought back a couple of books of folk tales from that part of the world, and your comic reminds me of those, with pleasure. But I agree that you should emphasize quality over speed, and only publish when you feel that you have got it right. And I know how life can get in the way of creative work. So I’ll check back from time to time, and appreciate the new story when it appears.

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