[Leanne] Anime Expo and ComicCon

I know it’s kind of late to be writing a con report for Anime Expo. Well, this month has been kinda crazy with lots of stuff going on. So crazy, in fact, that I won’t be at the San Diego ComicCon — I’ll be at a wedding instead. (Congrats, Julia and Pete!) I should be at ComicCon next year. San Diego is my hometown, and I really want to be there!

So. Anime Expo was pretty cool. In fact, I think it was the best time I’ve had at AX, and I’ve attended and worked the con for several years. I got to meet a Gaia Online friend of mine, and make some new friends. I spent a lot of time in the shoujo room showing videos, and can recommend that you check out Strawberry Marshmallow and World of Narue, which are both excessively cute, and IGPX, which is roller derby with mecha. How can you go wrong?. No super-big winners this year like Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars (which if you haven’t seen, you should), but I found all of those entertaining for various reasons.

It was nice working the afternoon-evening shift. I got to see enough of the con before my shift, and got to check out a Photoshop panel on coloring, which was pretty good. The panelist gave me some good ideas which I’m looking forward to putting into practice.

There was good stuff in the Artist Alley. There’s always good stuff in the Artist Alley, and I actually recommend that you shop there first before you go spend money in the vendors’ hall. I got a bunch of really nice bookmarks and gorgeous original-art prints for a very good price. If you get the opportunity, you should definitely check it out; there are a lot of small gems there.

Have a good one, people!

[Mark] Webhosting Burps

I’d like to apologize for the slowness on the website the last couple of days. For whatever reason, it’s been grinding badly during the middle of the day — Dreamhost has been made aware of the situation, so hopefully it’ll get resolved soon.

[Leanne] Hello World!

We were looking at some of the site stats again, and noticed that we’ve got folks out there checking out the site from some cool places around the world. Shalom, Israel! Hallo, Netherlands!

I’ll be at AnimeExpo this weekend. Not as an exhibitor, sadly. (; This is probably my last year working as one of the audio-visual staff. (That’s VTech for those of you in the know.) I’ll either be wandering the con or plopped in one of the video rooms (probably Video 5, but no guarantee) showing shoujo videos. Say hi if you see me! I’ll be wearing a staff badge with Mala on it.

[Leanne] We have liftoff!

I’m pleased to let you folks know that we got approval from Project Wonderful this morning. Project Wonderful is an advertisement-auctioning site. What that means for you: yes, there will now be ads on Autumnside, starting within the next few days. What that means for us: YAAAY, we start making a little money! (: Probably just in the pennies-per-day, but it’s still something.

We intend for all ads on Autumnside to be safe for kids. If you see something on the site that you do not think is appropriate, please let me know by using the email link at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

I’ve already had a request for a book come in! Wow, that was a great feeling. (: Just to let you folks know, Autumnside will run about 120 pages. When it’s complete, I’ll be following up with Winterside, and get the Autumnside book set up.

(Mark:) When you want something done right …

So I wrote my own syndication control for the web site, which means that we’re finally rid of Feed Sweep and its oddly interpreted characters. The proverbial straw that forced the change (and over our Anniversary weekend!) was the sudden addition of new ad content. While the new ad was for Feed Sweep itself, it hinted at the possibility that unapproved content could reach the site through a third party control.

So it had to go.

I’ve successfully tested the new control on IE6, Firefox, and Safari. It should work for Opera, Netscape, and later versions of IE, but I haven’t tested against them. If you have problems, e-mail me through my link in the footer — though I’m not sure what I could do to fix a Netscape bug.

I mention Netscape because we’ve got at least one reader using it! As a web master type, I’m required to make fun of them now, but my heart’s not in it because I just discovered that I can’t use Firefox 3 on my G3 iBook.

(Mark:) Reader Habits

I don’t know if y’all will find this interesting or not, but I do. We didn’t run any ads last week, so our reader base was pretty stable. It looks like we’ve currently got 150 regular readers:

  • 30 of you are reading by RSS (so probably aren’t seeing this post),
  • 40 are visiting the site on Tuesday and Thursday (when we update),
  • 40 are visiting the site on Tuesday and Monday (and reading the previous Thursday’s),
  • 40 of you are only visiting the site on Monday, and catching up on the previous week’s strips, and
  • nobody is commenting on any of the news posts.

(Mark:) Welcome Back!

Well, not exactly. It’s not like most of you have gone anywhere.

However, it still needs to be said:

Welcome to Version 2 of the Autumnside web site!

So now we’re cooking with gas, free and clear to navigate, and any other happy cliché you can think of.


(Leanne:) Hi There!

Mark tells me that we now have about seventy regular readers. Seventy! Sweet! Hellooooooooo, new reader dudes!

Heehee. I really don’t have much else to say. Just wanted to post some happy news, instead of the grumbling about the site construction. Welcome, folks!

I also wanted to let you know that I’ll be at AnimeExpo in California, July 3-6. Unfortunately, I won’t be an exhibitor in the Artist Alley this year. Couldn’t swing that; I don’t have quite enough material or lead time. I will be working in the shoujo video room and otherwise roving the con, so if you want to see me, drop by! I’ll be the only person in the con with a staff badge featuring Mala. (:

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