I have a desk

I don’t have a pad yet for my wrists, and the swing arm hasn’t arrived, but I have the computer up on the easel, and I have my desk put together, and it is much less strainful than before. Do need that wrist pad, though.

More art ahoy, assuming things continue well. (:

CONjecture report

Good heavens, I had a phenomenal time. Got to meet and hang out with Becky Hicks of Little Vampires, and she and her husband James are completely awesome. Also got to hang with Phil and Margaret, who do books and fabulous hats but don’t appear to have a website, who are equally awesome. They were all generous enough to give me a HUGE amount of advice — and a Square! — , and we just had a great time. (: It was really super-cool to get the chance to be placed by lovely people and talk shop and learn things. I learned so much.

I did three commissions, one of which was a koi mermaid piece I’m planning to redo in digital color and make prints of (keep an eye out for that!), one of which was fan art for Air Gear that I don’t have a scan of, and one of which was a fan art piece for Hetalia which you can find on my DeviantArt.

I’ve gotten some leads on how to get my store set up and handle cons better and all kinds of good stuff. There’s only so much time in the day, but I hope to be bringing you more awesome sooner rather than later. (:

Also, a special shout-out to my darling husband, who took care of me the whole con, got me drinks and Oreos, and generally was super-awesome, like he isn’t always super-awesome. (;

Update on the State of the Leanne

OK. So.

With the insane amount of work I’ve been doing over the past three months, and the fact that I’ve been doing it at my kitchen table as opposed to on any sort of ergonomic setup, I have managed to give myself nerve damage in my left hand. No, this is not my drawing hand, this is my lean-on-and-use-the-keyboard hand. The problem, as far as I can tell, is primarily that lean-on part. Neya has done a terrific job of getting rid of the worst of the problem through massage, but it’s not totally gone, and probably won’t be unless I can get myself some serious rest and an updated work area.

The updated work area is in the works, but will not be available for at least a week, and probably more like two.

The rest … that’s a whole different issue. ): I basically have a comic buffer up until the 9th of September. I’m at a con from the 9th-11th. And I’m hoping the BMAG guys contract with me for more work, because I enjoyed what I was doing a *lot*, and getting paid is good.

I want to do some prints for the con, because I’m two tables over from Little Vampires, which makes selling the mini-monster bookmarks a bit awkward, though I’ll still be bringing them anyway. I probably won’t get to do the prints given the problems with the hand.

Outside the con, I have no way of handling Saijiki Stories and the video game work at the same time, and especially not with the injury, dammit. They basically both chew up the same block of time. I only have 25 more strips to go for Springside (23 if you count the ones I’m trying to finish this week without messing up my shoulder/hand further).

Basically, if I get more work from BMAG, there’s a good chance that Saijiki Stories will go on an irregular schedule until the work is done. (See also: getting paid is good, destroying one’s arm is bad.) I *hate* that, but I only have so much time in the day, and I don’t want to end up with an unusable left hand.

I’m so frustrated that I can’t do everything I want to do.

Quick Update

Did portfolio reviews at ComicCon on Thursday. I can’t tell how they went. People liked my colors, loved the mini-monsters, and generally don’t want to hire me. {: I got told four times that I have a “unique style”. Um. Well, I’m hoping that’s code for “your stuff doesn’t look like our stuff”, which is true, and not “your art sucks”, which I hope it doesn’t. {:

I learned a ton of stuff at the 3D-to-2D art panel, plus a ton more at the Digital Inking panel. I actually have only sat in on three panels because of the portfolio reviews. And I missed one today because I got a personal-private half-hour demo of Poser from the folks at the SmithMicro booth, which convinced me to pick up a copy (especially after the 3D-to-2D panel … dang, that would have made Winterside so much easier to draw … ).

In awesome news, I actually have a gig doing backgrounds for a video game. I’m working on Point of Descent by Beyond Madness and Genius Games. I am super super excited. ^_^ I have a lot of work to do, it’s fun work, it’ll be great for my portfolio, and I’m getting PAID, woohoo! (:

Drowning in to-do lists

Hiya peoples! As you can guess, I am back from AX. I have a lot going on this month … busy this weekend, and next weekend is San Diego ComicCon. No, I don’t have a booth there — wish I did, but it’s out of my price range. I’ll be attending lots of panels and attempting to Learn Stuff.

I’m desperately trying to build my buffer back up — Anime Expo chewed all of it up, and as of today I have just barely managed to extend the buffer out past ComicCon. I’m hoping to get four more comics sketched and inked this week before the weekend eats me. On top of that, I still have artwork that I’m working on from the Japanese Friendship Garden, and I’m trying to get some garb done for both myself and Mark so that we can maybe go to some SCA events, hopefully starting with the Leodamus of Thebes tourney in August.

My garden is in full force and I’m seriously neglecting my food/garden blog (http://www.auntiepasto.com) in favor of just dealing with it. I came home from AX to an explosion of zucchini, green beans, cucumbers, and strawberries. We are just starting to get tomatoes and peppers, too. I have boysenberry vinegar and liqueur and strawberry liqueur that need bottling, and I really should be making strawberry jam, but it’s been hot enough that I haven’t been able to talk myself into boiling that much water. It’s finally starting to cool off a little; maybe I’ll get stuff bottled in the morning.

I really want to get the Etsy store up, but that’s probably not going to happen until after ComicCon. I’m seriously just trying to get the comic back on track right now. My apologies. It will be happening, and soon, but I just don’t know how soon.

Back from AX!

Had a good time. Learned a lot. Saw massive amounts of good, bad, and scary cosplay. (; Made a little money and some new friends.

I have a lot of irons in the fire right now! Look for an etsy store coming soon, where you can pick up some of the art that I’ve been working on. I’m also planning to redo autumnside.com as my portfolio page, so for those of you still using autumnside.com as your portal, you may want to update your bookmarks. (:

Back to work on the comic!

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