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[Leanne] The End? Just a beginning.

Hi all!

I want to thank you for sharing the Autumnside journey with me. (: Today is the last strip for Autumnside. I’ve been very happy with the story, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as well.

But while Autumnside is done, the Saijiki Stories continue! Winterside will be launching on Monday, April 13, at — and Autumnside will be added to the Saijiki Stories archive. (It’ll be staying here for a while too, so no worries about your bookmarks.)

Winterside will be updated three times a week! I’ve done a lot of work streamlining my process and I’ve gotten faster about drawing, so I will be updating Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’m really delighted to be able to tell you that. Please drop by and check it out. It’s a sideways take on the classic Baba Yaga myths, fused with Americana folklore, and features Mala and Karasu, plus a host of other characters, some familiar and some new. (:

Oh, and I got my computer back. (;

[Leanne] A little promo

Hiya people! So as you can see, Autumnside will be wrapping up pretty soon. I’ve got the beginning of Winterside ready to go, and figured you folks would enjoy a little sneak preview.

“What is Saijiki Stories?” you may be asking. Saijiki Stories is the group collection name for Autumnside, Winterside, Springside, and Summerside. (It may eventually expand to include more, but those are the ones it’s starting with.) We’re in the process of creating a new website to host all the stories. Don’t worry, this one isn’t going away — it will be mirrored on the other site.

In other news, my computer is broken. It’s in the shop now, and I’m waiting to hear back. Ouch. Fortunately, I’ve got all my backups and an old Mac to work on, so no worries — Autumnside will continue to update regularly.

[Leanne] Con-Dor Report

So I admit — I forgot to mention it here earlier, but I spent this past weekend at Con-Dor. Just as an attendee, not as a presenter or anything. I’m sort of scouting around and trying to figure this whole con thing out.

Mark and I were delighted to have the chance to talk with Peter and Katie Tarkulich, of Bardsworth and Fairy Magik. They are terrific people, and it was just really great to be in touch with another webcomic artist. Peter gave me a ton of good advice, which I am extremely grateful for. Also, we picked up a copy of If You Give Me Cookies, I’ll Believe Anything, his first Bardsworth collection, in which he graciously drew a picture of Francis, complete with feather dusters. I love it. You folks should go check out Bardsworth if you don’t read it already — it’s loads of fun. (:

We also spent some time talking with Casey, who was representing Weta Workshop. Weta does a lot of nifty special effects things, but the bits I like best are their really cool ray guns. (: Casey also had some pretty good advice for us with regards to building name recognition and so forth, and I’m really glad we spent the time talking with her, too.

We hit a handful of panels and enjoyed getting into some of the Hero and Villain discussions. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a regular SF/F con, and I really enjoyed the chance to stretch my brain on some of the ideas. We also talked with the representative who was there from LosCon. They’re supposed to be having a large webcomics track this year, so we may be attending that, but haven’t decided for sure.

All in all, we had a great time. (:

[Leanne] Kidjutsu!

Hiya folks! I am pleased and proud to let you know that Autumnside was invited to be part of Kidjutsu, an up-and-coming kid-friendly webcomic site. It’s a nifty site with a lot of fun comics on it. Go check it out!

I’ve done a handful of new chapter titles for Autumnside on Kidjutsu. They’re in the newer style that I’m using for Winterside, so you may want to take a look at them. Find them here on Kidjutsu. When Autumnside concludes here on the main website, I’ll be adding the final chapter (Volume 5: Verdict) to Kidjutsu as well.

You’ll notice that the new chapter titles have the new Autumnside logo. We’re still in the process of site redesign. Since we’re rapidly drawing towards the conclusion of Autumnside and launch of Winterside, all the new Autumnside artwork will probably go up when we revisit the site design for Winterside.

[Leanne] Holiday Insanity!

Hey folks!

Things have been kinda crazy over here lately! Ever since I got back from Boston, it’s been nonstop holiday everythings over here. Cards, cookies, gifts … you know, all the usual!

However, I’d like to let you know that work on Winterside — the sequel to Autumnside — procedes apace. I’m working on a reasonably large buffer right now. It’s looking like Autumnside will wrap up mid-spring 2009. Winterside will follow immediately.

We’re still working out how all of that is going to work, and there’ll be a site redesign while we’re at it. Autumnside has a horizontal format, but Winterside is vertical. I’m hoping to have some better blogging/commenting functionality when that comes up. We may add a forum as well.

I had a dream the other night about an art piece that I’m looking forward to creating. More about that when I’ve gotten ahold of some of the pieces that will be going into it!

[Leanne] Heading AFK

Hey folks!

As I’m sure all my American readers know, Thanksgiving is coming rapidly upon us. I’m going to be AFK a lot over the next week, so please be aware that comments to the blog may take a while to show up. (: Thanks for your patience — I appreciate it!

Happy harvest and best wishes!