[Leanne] Holiday Insanity!

Hey folks!

Things have been kinda crazy over here lately! Ever since I got back from Boston, it’s been nonstop holiday everythings over here. Cards, cookies, gifts … you know, all the usual!

However, I’d like to let you know that work on Winterside — the sequel to Autumnside — procedes apace. I’m working on a reasonably large buffer right now. It’s looking like Autumnside will wrap up mid-spring 2009. Winterside will follow immediately.

We’re still working out how all of that is going to work, and there’ll be a site redesign while we’re at it. Autumnside has a horizontal format, but Winterside is vertical. I’m hoping to have some better blogging/commenting functionality when that comes up. We may add a forum as well.

I had a dream the other night about an art piece that I’m looking forward to creating. More about that when I’ve gotten ahold of some of the pieces that will be going into it!

[Leanne] Heading AFK

Hey folks!

As I’m sure all my American readers know, Thanksgiving is coming rapidly upon us. I’m going to be AFK a lot over the next week, so please be aware that comments to the blog may take a while to show up. (: Thanks for your patience — I appreciate it!

Happy harvest and best wishes!

[Leanne] Busy month

Hiya people!

November’s going to be a really busy month for me, and I’m going to be spending chunks of it out of town, so I’ve gone ahead and pre-posted some comics. They should appear as usual, and I haven’t had any trouble with this previously. However, if something goes wrong, please send me an email and I’ll check it out as soon as possible.

Thanks, and I hope you’re enjoying the comic! (:

[Leanne] In honor of the season

Happy Halloween, everyone! Hope you all are looking forward to it as much as I am. We traditionally host a party at my house, and I’m thinking we’re gonna be packed to the gills with good friends and good fun. (:

I’ve done a pair of Jack designs that I thought would be fun for Halloween. They’re posted up to my store — go check them out!

Also, a friendly little reminder — Zazzle allows you to do a lot of customization on your items. So if you want the tee in a different color or style (long-sleeved, say), or even in a women’s or kid’s style, you can do that! Just pick the style from the tabs, then pick the color you want in the selection box.

[Leanne] Humans wanted.

Hey peoples, just wanted to let you folks know that I’ve been getting a lot of spam comments on the blog. And I’m sick of it. So if you want to leave me comments (and I love comments), please make sure that, ya know, I can tell you’re a real human. Generic comments WILL get spam-blocked.


[Leanne] Woohoo!

To whoever bought the mug from my store — THANK YOU!

I can’t really go tack up my first earned dollar bill, given that it’s a virtual dollar, but I’m gonna print out the notification I got and keep it. Thanks for making me feel like a million bucks and a “real” cartoonist. (:

[Leanne] A thank-you, and a musing on art

Just a quick shout-out to The Floating Lightbulb. Thanks for mentioning Autumnside in your blog.

As the blog suggests, I do strive for a softer, more cartoon-like look in my work. It’s sort of a combination of a lot of my favorite influences. While I don’t really feel like I do manga-style art, I read enough of it that it’s certainly had a hand in how I draw. I particularly like Miyazaki anime, and Autumnside definitely draws on moods inspired by Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro. On the American side of things, Walt Kelly’s Pogo was a profound influence on my early comic reading, and Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock and Muppet Show on my television preferences.

I’m fond of things that have rich, complex backgrounds and settings, and that’s something I strive to include in Autumnside, and in the fledgling bits of Winterside that I’m starting work on now. That seems to go hand in hand with a softer, more painted look, at least to get anywhere near the ideas I’m actually visualizing. How I wish I could draw as well as the stuff looks in my head. *sigh* Keep practicing, I know! (:

[Mark] Store Now Open

We’ve received our test products from Zazzle, and they’re good enough that our store is now officially open. We’ve got a print, a mug, a card, and some t-shirts. Keep in mind that Zazzle is an on-demand service, so we do take requests. If you don’t see something you’d like, let one of us know, and we’ll see about adding it.

Also, a shout out to Laura Chapple, a.k.a. Ironychan (who draws, among other things, Get Medieval). I mentioned Autumnside in her comments, and she was cool enough to leave them there.

(It was an innocent aside about the challenges of running a webcomic, not deliberate spamming, just so y’all know. It’s just that she’d have been perfectly within her rights to get rid of the posts.)

[Mark] Site Tweaks

I’ve gone and re-written the Blog Publication Control yet again. This means that you should see this post (and the rest of the Autumnside Blog) underneath the comic — even if you’re running Netscape, or viewing the page from a PSP. It might even fix the problem we’ve been seeing with the Webcomic List‘s crawler, if we’re lucky.

[Leanne] Weird Minor Outages

Hey folks,

Just wanted to let you know that there have been some strange issues with the voting buttons over the past few days. Buzzcomix is updating to a new version, and while we’re set up with them OK, it looks like their site is down right now. Thewebcomiclist has us listed, but isn’t detecting our site updates, for reasons we’re still trying to figure out.

Thanks for your patience while we get these minor issues fixed.

Also — Autumnside mugs are hopefully coming soon!

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